Water Conservation

Overview of Objective

While GHG emissions associated with the energy needed for pumping and conveyance of water represent less than 1 percent of Richmond's GHG inventory, strategies to reduce water consumption have important co-benefits to the local water supply. Maintaining a safe and plentiful water supply is a basic necessity for individuals and communities. Promoting conservation programs and supporting water infrastructure improvements helps to maintain the quality and reliability of tap water and prevents consumers from having to purchase bottled water. Identifying and fixing leaking pipes can reduce or prevent the unhealthy growth of indoor molds and mildews which can improve indoor air quality, reduce allergens, and improve respiratory health. Incentive programs can target low-income and communities of color to ensure an equitable distribution of resources.

Implementation Strategies

The City is committed to improving and expanding the water supply, water conservation, and water reuse infrastructure in Richmond. The CAP includes the following implementation strategies:
  1. Promote East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) Outreach and Conservation Programs
  2. Expand School Programs
  3. Green Building Strategies for Water Conservation
  4. Support Water Infrastructure Improvements and Expand Water Reclamation and Reuse

Key Performance Indicators

Performance Goal: By 2020, 20 percent per capita reduction in water consumption from 2012 levels (per Senate Bill 7x); by 2030, 30 percent per capita reduction.

95% of Richmond Residents Conserve Water

Rain or shine, water conservation is always important. Residents and businesses can learn more about EBMUD's conservation rebates and programs here. EBMUD offers a variety of incentives to encourage customers to reduce indoor and outdoor water consumption during normal and dry years. On its web site, EBMUD also offers simple tips and advice for saving water. Rebates are provided for: toilet replacement, clothes washer upgrades, and installation of graywater systems. EBMUD also offers free low flow showerheads, faucet aerators, hose nozzles, shower diverters, and dye tablets for detecting toilet leaks.