Energy Efficient Buildings & Facilities

Overview of Objective

Emissions from the consumption of electricity and natural gas account for 38 percent of the City’s 2012 Community GHG emissions, 2/3 of which is associated with commercial buildings and industrial use, and 1/3 of which is associated with residential buildings. Significant opportunities exist to leverage existing programs to reduce energy demand and maximize energy efficiency. Richmond’s strategies and implementing actions are consistent with California’s clean energy policy, which prioritizes energy efficiency in the state’s quest to meet energy demand. 62% of emissions are from non-energy sources, which  include transportation, solid waste, and water.

Implementation Strategies

Promoting energy efficient building and facilities will provide many health and equity co-benefits to residents, business owners, faculty, students, and staff in Richmond. Enhanced indoor air quality and healthier homes can be achieved by improving ventilation and duct systems, sealing drafty leaks to crawl spaces and attics, and testing of carbon monoxide sources caused by appliances. These improvements can also control moisture, reducing mold and other indoor allergens that contribute to and exacerbate asthma, while lessening noise pollution by sealing the building. All of these outcomes can lead to enhanced personal health, fewer sick days, and higher performing students and employees.

Key Performance Indicators

Energize Richmond Program
Energize Richmond is a City program aiming to control energy use, decrease energy costs, and meet climate action goals. The City has contributed funding through a partnership with the East Bay Energy Watch Partnership, (EBEW) (an energy efficiency rebate program funded by utility ratepayers) to provide expanded rebates and services to small and medium sized Richmond businesses and to owners of multi-family properties. Interested businesses can contact EBEW for a free energy assessment by calling 800-576-6405 or emailing

City Facility Energy Use

The City of Richmond recognizes the importance of providing a positive example to the community and is committed to introducing policies and programs to reduce its GHG emissions. Additionally, climate policies meant to reduce emissions have other important benefits for the City to take advantage of such as the cost savings achieved through energy and water efficiency upgrades. The City intends to lead by example, using utility rebates and incentives to retrofit existing municipal buildings

Impacts of Our Programs

181 Businesses Served by Energize Richmond

2000 Green House Calls by Summer Youth Program 

79% of Residents Made Homes More Efficient