Community Air Monitoring

The City of Richmond, in partnership with Groundwork Richmond, and environmental consultant Ramboll, was awarded a grant from the California Air Resources Board to deploy 50 air monitoring sensors throughout the Richmond community. This effort is part of the State of California Assembly Bill 617 (AB617) Community Air Protection Program. The monitors will appear on the open map as they come online, and provide real time community-level air monitoring information. The installation of all 50 air monitoring sensors will be complete in the summer of 2019. The concentrations and air quality index (AQI) values for PM2.5 stated on the map above are currently uncalibrated estimates. This data cannot be directly compared to regulatory standards. More features will be added to the dashboard as we build out the program. 
Assembly Bill 617 (Garcia, C., Chapter 136, Statutes of 2017) is a State-mandated program that uses a community-based approach to reduce local air pollution in communities around the State that continue to experience disproportionate impacts from air pollution. Richmond is one of two focus communities for the Bay Area Air Quality District’s initial implementation of the AB 617 Richmond Area Community Health Protection Program. The outcome will include additional air monitoring, and the development of an action plan to reduce air pollution and exposure in the Richmond community.
Community air monitoring trailer

Fenceline Air Monitoring

Richmond has a wealth of air quality information made available by the Richmond community fenceline program. The fenceline program provides historic and real time information about air quality near the Chevron Refinery fenceline and three community buildings in the North Richmond, Atchison Village, and Point Richmond communities.