Zero Waste

Overview of Objective

The City, through its franchise agreement with Republic Services, currently offers garbage collection, recycling, and food-scrap composting collection services to residents and businesses within Richmond. Customers pay for garbage collection services, while recycling and composting services and materials are offered free of charge. Richmond has implemented a volume-based fee structure for garbage collection services, or Pay-As-You-Throw collection, that charges customers based on the volume of the garbage container service subscription and the frequency of pickups.
Solid waste that decomposes in landfills generates methane gas (CH4), a GHG that is approximately 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2) over a 100-year time frame, and even more potent over shorter time spans (see inset). GHG emissions resulting from the decomposition of solid waste account for approximately five percent of the 2012 Community Inventory.

Implementation Strategies

  • Establish a Zero Waste Framework
  • Increase Participation in Recycling Programs and Incentives
  • Establish and Support Garbage Collection Service Rates and Schedules that Maximize Participation in Composting and Recycling Programs
  • Increase Diversion of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste
  • Promote School Waste Diversion Programs

Key Performance Indicators

Performance Goal: By 2030, 90 percent of all solid waste is diverted from landfills

Solid Waste Tonnage by Sector

Waste Trends by Sector and Material

Residents Recycling at Home

Businesses Recycling Food Scraps

Mandatory Recycling Compliance - Multi-Family
Mandatory Recycling Compliance - Commercial

Bulky Item Pickups

Republic Services offers a bulky item pickup program at no extra cost to Richmond residents. Since the program began in November 2014, Republic Services has performed over 7,000 pickups and picked up over 16,000 individual items.  After initial high demand when the program began, we've seen an increase in participation as more residents learn about the program. To schedule a pickup, contact Republic Services at (510) 262-7100. 

Illegal Dumping Metrics

Illegally Dumped Bulky Items
Illegally Dumped Solid Waste